This e-Service will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Account Services

Use this e-Service to

  • sign up for library membership
    (available with Singpass login)
  • create an online myLibrary username
  • retrieve your online myLibrary username
  • reset your password
Use NRIC / FIN *Please use your child's NRIC or Birth Certificate Number if you are retrieving his/her myLibrary username.

Sign Up for Child

(Applicable only to Singaporeans & PRs)

Use this e-service to sign up for your child's library membership using MyInfo.

Renew Membership

(Applicable only to Foreigners)

Renewing your membership?

Please make sure you have cleared all outstanding charges - check your account

Please sign up / renew your library membership at any of our libraries if:

  • You do not have Singpass
  • You are an MOE student